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Janitorial and Cleaning Services

Scipio Services / Janitorial and Cleaning Services
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Scipio Services provides professional cleaning services to clients. Scipio has the capacity to train, supervisor Janitors for industrial sites as well as supply maids for residential space.

Janitorial Services at Industrial Sites- Scipio Services has the ability to provide industrial level janitors for warehouse and commercial spaces in industrial zones. Scipio will provide cleaning service coverage each day of the year by staffing an adequate number of full-time, dedicated cleaning professionals, rotating on scheduled that fulfils the space and cleaning requirements of the site. Janitors will be on a 9-hour shift, 5 day work week. Scipio routinely provides deep cleaning and Ad-hoc services, nightly cleaning, and also daily janitorial services to international clients in Myanmar.

Maids and residential cleaners- Scipio Services can provide trained maids and residential cleaners. Scipio trains them on all of our Janitorial requirements, while also implemented housekeeping skills into their training. This includes, basic cooking, laundry, housekeeping, and dish washing.

Qualifications – Each staff will have had at least one year previous work experience and will have completed the Scipio training courses outlined below. In addition, we trained our staff on Fire Prevention, First Aid, CPR, and AED training courses.


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