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Staffing: Reception and Skilled Positions

Scipio Services / Facility Services in Yangon, Myanmar / Staffing: Reception and Skilled Positions
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Scipio provides professionally trained receptionists other skilled positions to be staffed at client offices.

Professionally trained receptionist staff – Scipio trains and provides professionally uniformed reception services that coordinate other Scipio staff in an integrated facility services package at client locations. Scipio’s receptionists provide a professional image, warm welcome, and professional administrative duties as per the client requirements.

Skilled Positions – Scipio provides various skilled positions for their clients in Myanmar. To date Scipio has provided facility coordinators, financial assistant staff, maintenance staff, office managers, warehouse managers, logistics coordinators, and executive administrators – either local or expatriate.

Partnerships with staffing agencies – Scipio has relationships with staffing agencies to provide mid-level through to executive searches and placements.

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